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Name: Hans Jørgen Jensen
Nickname: "McKenna"
Place: Århus (Denmark)
Born: 1949
Education: Print Technician - retired in 2014
Hobby (lifestyle): IRISH MUSIC

More people was joining us, and we started to play at Færgekroen in Århus, where the beginning of the irish session was established and continued there till the late 90'th, where we moved to the Irish pub Paddy go Easy, where it was going on at Sunday afternoon until august 2004. Then some Years at Tir na Nog, now we have moved again to a new irish pub Waxies, and still sunday afternoon. In 1988 I was one of the founders of the very popular band Moving Cloud from Århus, which does not exist anymore.

After that I have played in different bands as Jenny's Chickens, Den Irske Duo, Aarhus All Star Céilí Band and Tullamore Tales. I have played at different festivals as Tønder Festival, Skagen Festival, Strib Festival, Copenhagen Irish Festval.

When I was 17 of age, I was invited to a party, and there I heard Irish music for the first time. Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers was playing out of the speakers - and I was completely "blown out" - the sound and soul in that music was the best I ever have heard.

Shortly after that, I heard The Dubliners for the first time (but not the last) they were extremely popular at that time, and that did I very well understand. After listening to Barney McKenna on the banjo, and the fact that I loved the banjo sound (from jazz), I bought a banjo at the age of 25. I was practising (it was quite difficult when you had to figure it all out yourself) together with The Dubliners - in my livingroom. By the way - later on I got my nickname for the same reason, of a friend of mine Svend Kjeldsen - bodhran player in Moving Cloud DK.

I was on the right track, and in the early 80'th I met a couple of guys and girls who also played Irish music, and we met once a week to play music.

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