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Recorded at Gl. Egå Jazzklub

Celtic Skelter are:

Mads Knude Hovgård: Guitar, mandolin
Jeremy Newton: Accordion
Hans Jørgen Jensen: Banjo
Louise Vangsgaard: Violin, vocal
Jørgen Larsen: Violin
Frank Lykkeskov: Guitar, vocal, Bodhran
Nicolas Cherenq: El-Bass
Sporting Paddy

Wheels of the World


Low Highland Set

Le Loup - Sang

Reel set

Watch some videos
A session recorded at
"Det Åbne Båndværksted"
in Århus.

Musicians are:

Klavs Vester (tinwhistle, guitar)
Louise Ring Vangsgaard (fiddle)
Jørgen Skaarup (fiddle † 2010)
Hans Jørgen Jensen (banjo)
Ulla Riecke (vocal)
Andreas Riecke (bodhran)
Lars Kristensen (guitar)
John Pilkinton (guitar, bouzouki)


Butler of Glenn Avenue

Christmas Eve - set

Banks of Ohio - sang

Ships are Sailing - set

Tullamore Tales

Five soundclips from a demo made in 2002
by the duo 'Tullamore Tales',
wich is Jan A. Rasmussen from
Copenhagen and myself.

Atholl Highlanders - set

Father Jack Walsh - set

The Windmill - set

Donegal Danny - sang

O'Shaugnessy's Barndance

Søren Gyllström
My son Søren has just played the banjo for about half a Year, (in 2005) when he made some recordings at his computer.
He plays the guitar and Bouzouki as main instrument

March 2007:
His own comp. played on guitar '1st. Draft'

Jan. 2005:
The Tunes: Joe Banes Scottische/Murphys/Some say the Devil is dead

April 2005:
The Tunes:
Kevin McHugh's No.2/
Connaughtman's Rambles/
The Jiggolo (his own comp.)

There is a soundclip "The Homeruler" on a fiddler from Belfast,
Simon Bacon's website, where he plays banjo and guitar.

<Today (2015) he play
in his own band Deas! Take a look at a Video Click....


Listen to Aarhus All Star Céilí Band
McDermott's/Come West along..
Tarbolton/Longford Collecter
The Home Ruler/Kitty's Wedding
Clancey's Dream/ Ships in full Sail